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Jorge Echeverría

Jorge Echeverría López (Barcelona, Spain, 1981) studied Chemistry in the University of Zaragoza (UZ) and got his PhD in Chemistry (2010, cum laude) in the University of Barcelona (UB) under the supervision of Prof. Santiago Alvarez with the thesis entitled “New Concepts and Symmetry and Bonding Relationships in complex molecules and inorganic solids” thanks to a FPU grant. One of the 8 articles published from his research as graduate student was awarded the “Ramon Margalef Prize” (5000 eur). In 2011, he joined the group of Prof. Christian Joachim in CEMES-CNRS (Toulouse, France) as a postdoctoral researcher to theoretically study the motion of molecular machines. In 2013, he got a Marie Curie-BP grant to continue with his research for two more years. In 2015, he returned to the UB to work in the group of Prof. Eliseo Ruiz. Between 2016 and 2018 he was a Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación fellow working on the theoretical study of noncovalent interactions and the development of molecular systems with possible applications in the nanosciences. In June 2019 he started a Ramón y Cajal contract in the University of Barcelona, and then he moved to the University of Zaragoza in December 2021, where he currently holds a Ramón y Cajal position.

He has participated in 30 national and international conferences, in 5 of them as invited speaker, presenting the overall of 19 oral communications. In 2017 and 2018 he was invited as lecturer to the “H2020 School of Materials” held in Bulgaria. He has published 2 book chapters and 55 peer-reviewed articles (2 Nature Nano., 1 Nature Chem., 1 Nature Commun., 1 Nano Letters, 1 ACS Nano, 2 Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2 Chem. Sci., 4 Chem. Commun., 1 Nanoscale, …), 29 of them as the corresponding author. He has performed teaching duties in different undergraduate and graduate courses in the UB, where he has also supervised TFG and TFM students. He has supervised a PhD thesis (finished July 2022) and he is co-supervising a PhD student (started September 2022. He was one of the four participants in a European PRACE project awarded with 17million calculation hours (HPC), and one of the 15 co-PIs in an Excellence Network (OsMolSis, RED-2018-102833-T). He has also participated in 9 more competitive projects, including a Japanese government initiative (WPI-MANA) funded with 11million dollars. Since 2020 he is the PI of a “Generación de Conocimiento” project (PID2019-109119GA-I00) that allowed him to become a fully independent researcher. In 2022 was selected as “Emerging Investigator” by ACS Crystal Growth & Design.

Conferences and congresses

30.    “6th EuChems Inorganic Chemistry Conference”, Oral communication: “Transforming methyl groups into Lewis bases with main group metals”, Vienna, Austria, 3-7 September 2023.

29.    “Harnessing noncovalent interactions for synthesis and catalysis – Faraday Discussion”, Oral communication: “Alkali metal•••methyl short contacts in aluminates: more than agostic interactions”, York, UK, April 2023.

28.    44th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Oral communication: “Methyl groups as widespread Lewis bases in non-covalent interactions”, Rimini, Italy, August 2022.

27.    2nd International Conference on Noncovalent Interactions, Invited talk: “Methyl groups as widespread Lewis bases in non-covalent interactions”, Strasbourg, France, July 2022.

26.    “XXXVIII Biennial Meeting of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry”, Oral communication: “Methyl groups as widespread nucleophiles in non-covalent interactions”, Granada, Spain, June 2022.

25.    XIX Reunión del Grupo Especializado de Química Inorgánica QIES22, Oral communication: “Hg3-anticrowns as multidentate Lewis acidic hosts”, Sevilla, Spain, January 2022.

24.    1st International Conference on Noncovalent Interactions, Invited talk: “Carbonyl-carbonyl interactions in transition metal complexes”, Lisboa, Portugal 2019.

23.    HPC-Europa3 Transnational Access Meeting (TAM), Oral communication: “Noncovalent interactions involving nitrosyl ligands”; Edinburgh, UK 2018.

22.    1st BIO-COMP-CHEM School, Invited talk: “A theoretical approach to the study of weak interactions in chemistry and biology”; Bansko, Bulgaria 2018

21.    XXXVI GEQO Congress Organometallic Chemistry Group, Oral communication, “The n-π* interaction in transition metal complexes”; Zaragoza, Spain 2018.

20.    255th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, New Orleans (USA), March 2018, Two Oral Communications: “Alkyl groups as electron density donors in π-hole bonding” (INOR-1252) and “Frustrated Lewis Trios and long-range hole interactions” (PHYS-643).

19.    2nd H2020 School “Computational Modelling of Materials”, Invited Lecturer, Sofia, Bulgaria, December 2017.

18.    8th IQTCUB Symposium, Chairman and Poster presentation: “Design of an azo-based molecular switch controlled by light.” Barcelona, Spain, June 2017.

17.    “XXXVI Biennial Meeting of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry”, Poster presentation: Sitges, Spain. June 2017.

16.    JUJOLS IX (European Workshop on Theoretical approaches of Molecular Magnetism), Tortosa, Spain, May 2017.

15.    International Mini-Symposium, “Theoretical Modelling of Nanoparticulate Materials”, Barcelona, Spain, September 2016.

14.    6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress, Oral communication: “Dihydrogen interactions in alkanes”, Sevilla, Spain, September 2016.

13.    7th IQTCUB Symposium, Invited talk: “Single molecule motors working on surfaces”, Barcelona, Spain, June 2016.

12.    “Forum des microscopies à sonde locale”, Poster presentation: “One-way rotation of a molecule-motor”, Montauban, France, March 2014.

11.    International Symposium “Single Molecule Machines and Motors”, Oral communication: “One-way rotation of a single molecule motor”, Toulouse, France, June 2013.

10.    “AutoMol Anual Meeting”, Oral communication: “Controlled one-way rotation of a single molecule motor”, Toulouse, France. January 2013.

9.    1st Herrenhausen Conference “Downscaling Science”, Poster presentation: “Controlled one-way rotation and efficiency of a single molecule motor”. Hanover, Germany. December 2012.

8.    “Train2 Meeting on Molecular and Other Low-dimensional Systems”. Toulouse, France. June 2012.

7.    “AutoMol Anual Meeting”, Oral communication: ‘Calculations on a Ruthenium Motor’, Montbeillard, France. November 2011.

6.    “8th European Conference on Computational Chemistry”, Poster presentation: ‘Theoretical Study of Homonuclear Dihydrogen Contacts in Linear Alkanes and Polyhedranes’, Lund, Sweden. August 2010.

5.    “XXVI Meeting of the Theoretical Chemistry Network of Catalonia”. Barcelona, Spain. July, 2010.

4.    “XXXII Biennial Meeting of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry”, Oral communication: ‘Jahn-Teller Effect in hexacoordinated compounds with trigonal prismatic geometry: ¿cis or trans?’. Oviedo, Spain, September 2009.

3.    “38th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC38)”, Poster presentation: ‘Quantitative Measures of Symmetry Loss: Applications in Transition Metal Chemistry’. Jerusalem (Israel), July 2008.

2.    “XXIV Meeting of the Theoretical Chemistry Network of Catalonia”. Girona, Spain, June 2008.

1.    “XXIII Meeting of the Theoretical Chemistry Network of Catalonia”: Oral communication: ‘New Concepts in Molecular Symmetry”. Tarragona, Spain, June, 2007.

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