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Meet all the members of Echeverria Group

Dr. Juan Diego Velasquez

Juan Diego did a PhD (July 2022) in Chemistry in the University of Barcelona (Spain) under the supervision of Prof. Santiago Alvarez and Dr. Jorge Echeverría.

Since November 2022 he works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Echeverria Group at the University of Zaragoza.

Noushin Keshtkar

Noushin did a PhD in Inorganic chemistry at Islamic Azad University (Iran) between Sep 2016 and Aug 2022.(GPA:18.90/20) with a thesis entitled “ Metal Complex of Novel unsymmetrical tetradentate Schiff Base Ligand: Synthesis, characterization, computational and biological investigations”.

She is now doing a second PhD in our group working on different NCIs established by methyl groups.

Noushin Keshtkar

Past members:

Diego M. Gil

Postdoc 2021-2022

Now a professor in Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina

Oliver Loveday

TFG 2021

Now a PhD student in ICIQ with Nuria López Group.

Raquel Sicilia

TFG 2023

Now in private industry

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